Monday , 22 December 2014

How to Save More Money This Festive period

Festive Period Savings

1. Earn up to 8% cashback when you shop online and in select stores with your Verve Card. In case you do not know, cashback means that you get part of the money you pay back. The Participating merchants are as follows: Afritickets, Jumia, Laterna, Medview Airlines, Park n’ Shop/Spar, Supermart, The Yellow Chilli, Cool World, Justrite, Make Me, Montaigne Place, Pep Stores, SWIFT, Travelstart, Game Store, Konga, Mall for Africa, Mopheth Pharmacy, SIMS, The Filmhouse Cinemas, Twice As Nice. This Promo is valid from the 1st of December 2014 to 18th of January 2015.  2. Shop online: Whether you are shopping abroad or here in Nigeria. There are amazing offers and deals at this time of the year. Stores like Amazon, Ebay and ASOS will make you go wow! Here at home, Konga is offering N2,000 cashback when you shop on their mobile apps. They have also put ... Read More »

5 Music Videos That Made My December

5 Music Videos That Made My December

Wow! 2014 is gradually coming to an end. There have been amazing music videos that rocked our world from January till date. I will restrict this post to top 5 Nigerian Music videos. Trust me they are amazing. Not all of these videos are new but whenever they are played or aired, I keep loving them over and over again. These 5 music videos and their lyrical contents stand out for me. 1. E To Beh – DJ Jimmy Jatt Ft. Banky W and Phyno The song “E To Beh” is off the legendary DJ Jimmy Jatt’s Album; “The Industry”. On this jam of life, EME boss; Banky W rapped his heart out, his flows were amazing. Phyno is also on this track with his Igbo rhymes. Even though I do not understand his flows, it’s not enough reason to learn Igbo…lol . The song was produced by MasterKraft and ... Read More »

To My Future Wife and Kids

Letter To My Future Wife and Kids

I don’t know if I should tag this a letter or just simply put it as a note to you, my dearest wife and my unborn kids, about the kind of father I crave to be. A lot of good writers have divergent opinions about their plans for the future with their wife, children and a happy home. I have shared in their wealth of wisdom and I perfectly understand the joy in having a happy family. With what I have been able to fathom and other experiences I’ve gathered, I am prompted to write this so that you both will know the plan I have for our family and how doable I pray it manifest. Sweetheart, I can still remember all promises and good impression of me I gave to you when I was wooing you. I promised to be your everything and always put a smile on your ... Read More »

Solutions to Electoral Malpractices in Nigeria

Electoral Malpractices: Bane of Nigerian Politics

In the Series: This is the concluding part of the series called Electoral Malpractices: Bane of Nigerian Politics where the Author; Bolaji Obadara proffer solutions to the electoral malpractices in the country. Read the first there(3) parts below if you have not done so: Part 1: ELECTORAL MALPRACTICES: BANE OF NIGERIAN POLITICS 1  Part 2: ELECTORAL MALPRACTICES: BANE OF NIGERIAN POLITICS 2 Part 3: ELECTORAL MALPRACTICES: BANE OF NIGERIAN POLITICS 3 The following solutions can bring an end to all the negativities caused by electoral malpractices in our country and also fix our electoral system which is now producing sour instead of sweet grapes: If our country is going to become what we want it to be, then our political system which is the industry responsible for recruiting into and retrenching out of our leadership sector must become an epitome of sanctified patriotism. The first and the most important is for this country to call ... Read More »

Advancing Youth Agricultural Entrepreneurship and ICT Innovations to Boost Climate-Resilient Food Value Chains


Here is another wonderful opportunity shared by CTA. This is for Youth organizations  interested in Agri-business and organizations developing ICT solutions for Agriculture. The Technical Centre for Agricultural and Rural Cooperation (CTA) is a joint international institution of the European Union (EU) and African, Caribbean and Pacific (ACP) Group of States. Its mission is to advance food and nutritional security, increase prosperity and encourage sound natural resource management in ACP countries. It provides access to information and knowledge, facilitates policy dialogue and strengthens the capacity of agricultural and rural development institutions and communities. Objective: The objective of this grant is to advance agricultural entrepreneurship and ICT innovations by young people. It responds to the strategic need to strengthen the involvement of youth in agriculture. It will support youth capacity building and entrepreneurship in ICT for agriculture (ICT4Ag) and promote youth employment opportunities. The call for proposals builds on various activities that CTA has been implementing ... Read More »

Electoral Malpractices: Bane of Nigerian Politics 3

Electoral Malpractices: Bane of Nigerian Politics

In the Series: This is the third part of the  series called Electoral Malpractices: Bane of Nigerian Politics Read the first two(2) parts below: Part 1: ELECTORAL MALPRACTICES: BANE OF NIGERIAN POLITICS 1  Part 2: ELECTORAL MALPRACTICES: BANE OF NIGERIAN POLITICS 2 The major source of harm, curse, affliction, ruin and death (bane) of Nigerian politics is the evil returns of electoral malpractice. Election should give people opportunity of making a change in government either by voting out an officer who is not performing satisfactorily or voting in a generally accepted candidate who is deemed fit. The moment the wish of the people is not reflected in the result of the election, people begin to have a doubting mind towards the incumbent government. The incoming administration will find it hard to satisfy the electorates because it will just be like a coupe d’état on their political franchise. Whenever a candidate, group of people ... Read More »

Pioneering Fellowships Will Help Rewire Africa’s Governments

Pioneering Fellowships Will Help Rewire Africa’s Governments

I recently signed up for Web 2.0 and social media Learning Opportunity organized by CTA in conjunction with Bowen University, Iwo back in September. The group shared this amazing fellowship with me which I know you will find interesting as well. (Application deadline:  15 December 2014) Do you want to help us build African governments and societies that are more accountable and responsive to citizens? We are looking for the best ideas for harnessing the power of digital technologies and open data, to improve the way that governments and citizens interact. Code for Africa and Open Knowledge are offering three pilot Open Government Fellowships to give outstanding changemakers the skills, tools and resources necessary to kickstart open government initiatives in their countries. The six-month fellowships are intended to empower pioneers who are already working in the open data or civic engagement communities, and are designed to augment their existing ‘day jobs’ rather than remove them from their organisations. Successful ... Read More »

Electoral Malpractices: Bane of Nigerian Politics 2

Electoral Malpractices: Bane of Nigerian Politics

In the Series: This is the second part of series of called Electoral Malpractices: Bane of Nigerian Politics Read the first part here: ELECTORAL MALPRACTICES: BANE OF NIGERIAN POLITICS 1 The origin of electoral malpractice in Nigeria dates back to the first (non-general) election of 1923 where only people in Lagos and Calabar can vote for African representatives into the council governing the affairs of Nigeria then. This is a practical realization of selection as the people to be elected will be elected on the platform of presiding over Nigerian affairs yet they could only be from Lagos and Calabar, even the electorates. This has generated a lingering line of electoral malpractices in our politics.  It should be noted that the military rode on the back of the so-called ‘put the country in order’ horse to creep into the governing of this country as a result of the ‘Wetie’ crisis that ... Read More »

Electoral Malpractices: Bane of Nigerian Politics 1

Electoral Malpractices: Bane of Nigerian Politics

In the Series: This is the first part of series of called Electoral Malpractices: Bane of Nigerain Politics From the first political party in1922 (NNDP) to the latest political merger of ACN, ANPP, CPC and other factions of some parties in APC, the issue of politics, political parties and elections has avail the political world a rich history of political hegemony in an heterogeneous black society of nations. The history of elections in Nigeria is vastly robust from the colonial through the democratic independent of a promising country to the military ransom-holding of only two parties to the present day called civilian democracy. At this junction, it is highly important to bring to forbearing the important ‘know-hows’ of this topic: ELECTORAL: is from the word election from elect, which can be seen as ‘relating to elections (electoral system) and composed of electors (electoral vote). Politically speaking, the concept of election ... Read More »

“Junk” Got Me Inspired

Junk Got Me Inspired

This is the welcome message by TASMAG Founder, Olajide Ishola. Dear readers, thanks for visiting TASMAG. I have been waiting for this day to come and here we are! Today 1st of December, 2014 TASMAG launches after several months of procrastination. I won’t make this ‘address’ too long and I hope you enjoy it. Just the other day on Wazobia TV, a lonely Saturday as usual since NYSC POP. A song started on TV; Junk by Rasaq. The name doesn’t ring a bell right? I actually wanted to switch channel but the beat got me, its my kind of song; slow jam. The song is a ‘talk’ rap and a breakaway from the commercial songs we are used to. The introduction caught my fancy. Rasaq started by telling the audience ‘I’m a star, You’re stars, we all shine, Imagine if all of come together, We gonna sparkle, And we are ... Read More »

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