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  • Never give up

    Never Give Up

    This was first published on Build Your Heart Magazine Enjoy! A lesson I re-learnt about life: I had my first workout in four months earlier this morning. The urge to workout came during my late night ‘Tving’ and the fact that I can’t live with this protruding belly, I’m not a politician…lol. I knew I was not going to sleep all night due to the unusual four hours nap I had the previous afternoon when PHCN did what they know how to do best. After switching from channels, I decided to lace my running shoes around 5:40 am which I tucked away since my final papers. I said the morning prayers and hit the road. I stated the workout exactly at 6:32 am from Makuns Hotel junction, Osogbo. My usual routine is to jog from the earlier mentioned point to and fro Lameco junction in less than 15 minutess with ease, ...

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  • You Can Be Your Best

    You Can Be Your Best